The Joe's Pizza Truck is the first mobile version of "Joe's Pizza" in LA. The pizza truck will offer fresh pizza to hungry fans all over LA, selling it by the pie and by the slice. Its schedule and specific locations are revealed daily to consumers via social media channels including Twitter and Facebook. The Joe's Pizza Truck also offers catering for birthday parties, festivals, and private events in Southern California. The process is simple; you call us for a date, we drive onto the property, serve delicious slices to your guests and drive off. No fuss, no mess, great pizza! You can customize the menu any way you want, choose a theme for your event, build pizza yourself and even learn to toss dough in the air! Please see the videos below to experience the Joe’s Pizza Truck at an actual event.

Please call 323.656.4800 or email for more information on the Joe's Pizza Truck.